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Productivity while traveling means different things to different people. Might mean more working. Might mean more bonding or relationship-building. Might mean better connectivity. But whatever your definition, Bearing delivers productivity…and so much more. It’s an elegant, ultra-efficient, state-of-the-art, fully customizable, (dare we even say) revolutionary new mode of transportation. Meticulously designed for those who meticulously plan. Taking the oftentimes least enjoyable aspect of travel — getting from Point A to Point B — and making it the best.

And oh, almost forgot — Bearing is not a corporate jet. Or a train.
Or some kind of weird, alien hovercraft.

Bearing, technically, is a bus.

Go figure, right?

Remember when we said Bearing delivers productivity? We were just getting started. We meant Bearing delivers seamless, hyper-productivity. And yes, there is a difference, mainly because every Bearing vehicle is:


Every amenity and convenience you expect in your office, conference room or private jet, you’ll have on Bearing. Everything you need to connect face-to-face whether it’s with your team right there on board, or with a colleague or client overseas.

Bearing Interior View

Meticulously crafted

You know those tiny, inconsequential details that most people overlook? We don’t overlook them. Or think they’re tiny or inconsequential. So whether it’s the stitching and trim on the leather seats, the handcrafted woodwork throughout, the multiple smart TVs, or even the layout of every seat and placement of every window – it’s all painstakingly intentional. Sparing no design details as long as they enhance your overall experience. And they always do.

Bearing Seat Detail
Bearing Wood Detail
Bearing Stair Detail
Bearing Wall Detail

Fully customizable

Think Alfred to Bruce Wayne…but a bunch of Alfreds. That’s your personal Bearing support team, both on board and in our command center. At your service from start to finish. Seeing around corners and anticipating your every need. All to help you customize your travel experience and assist on anything you need, from tech support to navigation to catering.


Curb-to-curb service doesn’t get any more seamless. Traffic goes virtually unnoticed. Airport security lines are a distant memory. Simply put, there’s no wasted time or lost productivity between Point A and Point B. And that makes all the difference.

Bearing Desk
Bearing Work Conference Room


What is Bearing?
Bearing is a daily charter service providing an ultra-efficient new mode of transportation. Bearing offers private jet conveniences on over-the-road travel.
How much does Bearing cost?
Getting a fair price shouldn't be about finding a secret code or purchasing at a lucky moment. Bearing charters are available at $7,500 per day. No hidden fees. No extra charges. We offer the best service at the best price. Period.
How does the service work?
When you book Bearing, your environment on board is an extension of your office, your jet or your meeting space. We provide curb-to-curb service in the largest private passenger vehicle around, with full connectivity, complementary beverage service and a full support team.
How many guests fit on board?
Bearing accommodates 14 people. Traveling parties are often 5-12.